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7 Ways to Find Qualified Employees

November 24, 2020

Small business is finding it increasingly difficult to find dedicated, qualified staff.  The first place to begin is defining the position's responsibilities and required knowledge and experience.  The better you define the role and what it takes to be successful, the better you will be able to see those qualities in candidates.  Once defined, share your opportunity throughout all of your available outlets.  If you still struggle to find the help that you require, reach out to placement organizations for help.

  • Start with a Good Job Description

  • Promote Your Openings on Your Website

  • Promote Your Openings on Your Chamber of Commerce site

  • Connect with Local Colleges and Universities

  • Ask Current Employees for Referrals

  • Ask Current Customers for Referrals

  • Utilize Social Media to Post Openings

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Finding Qualified Employees: News and Updates
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